Here you can find a selection of my video experiments, shortfilms and animations.
(except the videoclip "After December" where my contribution was acting)


Single videoclip

2'24", 2024

Music and video: Miguel Feraso Cabral

apr 2024


Single visualizer

2'36", 2024

Music and video: Miguel Feraso Cabral

Assets: Pexels, Wallpaper Flare

mar 2024

"Indo Por Ali Longe"

first single from "Deambul"

3'42", 2023

Video (2015), music and final edit (2022)

Music and video: Miguel Feraso Cabral

sep 2022

"Capitão Violeta Combo Sistema"

1'00", 2020

Manipulated audio and video excerpts from YouTube:

Capitão Fausto “Boa memória”, “A Invenção do Dia Claro” 2019
Dead Combo “Deus Me Dê Grana”, “Odeon hotel” 2018
Buraka Som Sistema “Hangover (BaBaBa)”, “Komba” 2011
Ornatos Violeta “Dia Mau”, “O Monstro Precisa de Amigos” 1999

Audio and video editing, sequencer: Miguel Feraso Cabral

may 2020

"Auto auto isolamento"


Video calls with myself (in portuguese)

apr, may 2020

"Telescope" by Cola Fry

2'36", 2020

Cola Fry are Kris Skovmand and Miguel Feraso Cabral. This is the video of the first single "Telescope".

Video by Miguel Feraso Cabral

jan 2020

Entretanto, a Chegada à Lua/Público

56", 2019

Animation (over Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues voice talking about his experience on the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon) for the video doc by Carolina Pescada, "Filhos do Cosmos", published on

Drawings, animation and sound design by Miguel Feraso Cabral

jul 2019

P3/Público promo clip

52", 2018

A DIY lo-fi promo clip for the new website release.

Illustrations, animations and music by Miguel Feraso Cabral
Voices by Miguel Feraso Cabral and Carolina Pescada

Background animations on Photoshop / Texts motion and transitions on After Effects / Voices recorded with a smartphone / Music made on a free online sequencer.

apr/may 2018

Last Day at the Office

58", 2015

A little gift for my office mates on my last day at the agency.

Sounds/Video editing by Miguel Feraso Cabral
Smartphone camera by João Costa

FUSO Anual de Video Arte Internacional de Lisboa 2017
(Selected for competition and screening)


1'40", 2015

CRUSH: noun (informal) - an intense but usually short-lived infatuation.

"Director Miguel Feraso Cabral presents a short love story in where boy meets a girl, but not exactly. A delightful little short." / Our Picks


3'15", 2015

STROKETIME is a short film about timing, opportunity and effect in an exaltation of what we usually want and also expect invisible.

Worm Casting

1'20", 2014

A quick experiment: how to create a strange creature with no fancy visual effects, when you don't have nothing special to do on a stormy saturday night.
The process is revealed in the end.

"After December"

You Can't Win, Charlie Brown

From the album "Diffraction / Refraction"
Pataca Discos, 2014

A music video by We Are Plastic Too
Based on a story by Pedro Gonçalves

Cast: Miguel Feraso Cabral & Paulo Gil

Director of Photography: Leandro Ferrão
Assistant Camera: Selma Lopes
Gaffer: Edgar Pacheco
Production: Tomás Franco de Sousa & Maria João Gonçalves
Assistant Production: You Can't Win, Charlie Brown

Treze Passos / Thirteen Steps

13'45" DV, 2009 [IMDb]

Selected (competition)
ShortCutz Lisboa #11


A bored man has his evening in front of the TV interrupted by the eminent arrival of his temperamental ex-wife. To avoid conflict he embarks on a wandering drive through the streets of Lisbon as she goes to his house "to pick up some things" that she has left behind. The drive is upset by the ubiquitous Dr Leonor Carracha, a spiritual guru who promises to shed light on people's lives with her new self-help guide, and by the chance encounter with a deranged woman who is bitter about men.


Bárbara Santos
Miguel Feraso Cabral
Patrícia Adão Marques
Joana Melo Antunes

Written and directed by Miguel Feraso Cabral
Photography by João Delfino
Sound, editing and post-production by Miguel Feraso Cabral

Shot with an oldie Sony Digital8 SDcam (720x576 PAL)

Portugal, 2009

Trailer music by CotyCream
(jam session)
Pedro Alçada: electric guitar, recording
Nuno Leão: electric bass
Miguel Feraso Cabral: drums, keyboards and mixing



2'47", 2009

"Violaika" - mix of balalaika and viola da gamba, built from a bottom of a bookcase and a pine board.

A single take (20min) shot with a Sony Digital8 SDcam, cropped/sequenced/mixed in post-production.

Domestik Fringe

1'28", 2011

A quick experiment using a cheap camera Exilim EX-H30, After Effects, Logic Pro and 'homefound' objects and materials.

The props I used: gouache on dishes with milk, vacuum cleaner and shower hoses, paper balls with raw spaghetti, cooked spaghetti, some machines I built for other occasions, tobacco filters, animated gifs shot directly from the monitor, moving shadows with a table lamp, etc.

MTV ident

37", 2007

This was the first video for television I made all by myself. I sent them (Mtv) a rough frame-by-frame movie made on a basic video editor (Windows MovieMaker, I think). Then, after knowing it was selected, I had to learn in just a couple of days (the panic button) how to do it ‘for real’ with professional software to comply the required technical specifications.
The cheesy tune in the middle was recorded with a toy organ. The final rock music was a forgotten and unfinished track I recorded a year before, found on my hard drive. The sound effects were made with mouth noises and some tools and objects found at home - you can hear a Zippo lighter when the door closes, just before the logo is revealed :) It was on-air for about one year (Mtv Portugal). Original dimensions: 720x576 PAL


As actor:


16mm shortfilm, 2005

Nadine Allgeier, Marta Gil, Miguel Feraso Cabral, Nuno Bernardo, Patricia Adão Marques, Marina Albuquerque, Raquel Strada, Sofia Aparício, José Pedro Vasconcelos, among others.

Written and directed by Gil Ferreira
2005 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation / The London Film School


TV series, 2004

Various roles by:
Miguel Feraso Cabral, Nuno Bernardo, Patricia Adão Marques, Rui Mourão.

Special sequences directed by Filipa Reis, Gil Ferreira
2004 RTP

Aqui e Agora

Theatre play, 2004

Various roles by:
Bárbara Santos, Célia Ramos, Miguel Feraso Cabral, Pedro Cavaleiro, among others.
Original music by Miguel Feraso Cabral

Directed by Ângela Pinto
2004 Teatro da Trindade

As stunt performer in fight scenes:


Feature film, 1994

Sophie Marceau, Philippe Noiret, Claude Rich, Sami Frey, Jean-Luc Bideau, Raoul Billerey, Charlotte Kady, Nils Tavernier, Gigi Proietti, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Pascale Roberts, among others.

Directed by Bertrand Tavernier